AKASO BRAVE 8 in depth review

in depth review of budget action camera Akaso Brave 8


Akaso Brave 8. I like that many accessories are already included in the package. It’s ready to be mounted to anything. Let’s go straight to the camera. As it is half price of the current leading action cameras on the market I already know that it is not going to have some of the premium features, however not everyone needs them. What we are going to look at is the picture quality and how easy it is to use. The camera comes with the Akaso GO app, so we will check it out as well. The camera is waterproof without a cage, it can go up to 33ft or 10m. The weight with the battery is 114.8g and the dimensions are 63x36.5x45mm. It comes with two 1550mAh batteries and a USB charger. Battery life is roughly an hour if you will be really filming, going through settings and all that. It will also depend on many factors such as temperature and resolution. So if you want to film for a longer period of time, you might think about picking up extra batteries. What is not included is a memory card. Supported card is micro SD up to 512GB. 

Camera is very simple. Power button, record button, mode button, front screen and also rear touch screen. You cannot switch them during recording. The 48M camera has 16mm F/2.5  (display sensor: ½” CMOS) lens. Bonus is this protector which you can remove or replace in case it gets damaged. 

VIDEO QUALITY: This camera has actually built-in stereo audio instead of just mono. The sound is usually quieter with action cameras, you have to always increase the volume in the post. You can record in 60fps in 4K as well.  To experience Super Smooth image stabilization you need to export the video in the app. You can also use digital zoom. You have a choice from super wide angle, wide angle, portrait perspective and narrow angle. This is all purely digital zoom so the more you zoom in the less quality you are going to get. 

MODES: When you press the M button you will get to modes. There is record video, take photo, timelapse interval. It records time lapses in 8K, time lapse photo and slow motion. When it comes to slow motion you can do 2.7K and 1440p 2x and 4x slow motion, 1080p, 2x,4x and 8x and in 720p you can do 4x, 8x and 16x slow motion. Since I am already talking about frame rates and resolution, let me now show you video settings. 4K in 30 & 60fps, 2.7K in 120, 90, 60 and 30fps. 1440p offers all that and 180fps, 1080p offers 200, 120, 90, 60 and 30fps. 

Akaso Brave 8 accessories
Akaso Brave 8 accessories


I took some photos as well, let’s take a look. I can see that the overall look of photos and also video is very good during the day, when you have lots of light. It is not the best for low light, it is a bit grainy. This camera takes JPEG photos or JPEG + RAW. 


Akaso GO app. What do you get there? The app is very simple. Camera can be connected via Wifi. I didn’t have any issues connecting it. You can access all camera modes, change resolution, change mixed zoom. That you can also change in the camera settings without the app. Super wide, wide, medium and unknown. I haven’t had much luck with this feature in the app as the app crashed on me every time when I was trying to change it. App also offers access to system settings. 

Akaso brave 8 action camera detail
Akaso brave 8 action camera detail
akaso brave 8 removable lens filter
akaso brave 8 removable lens filter


I actually enjoyed reviewing this camera. For the price the picture quality is quite nice. It is not the best in low light which usually happens in this price range. The supersmooth stabilization is OK for general motion but here and there you will notice slight warp across the screen. You can see it more with faster action so when you mount it somewhere, mount it well. I really like how simple it is to use. You are not going to get features more expensive cameras offer obviously but if you just need an action camera for general use in good light, this is quite nice. It’s got some good things there for sure.

AKASO BRAVE 8 - https://www.akasotech.com/amazon-preorder

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