SMALL 4K BUDGET Action Camera | SJCAM C200

SJCam C200 budget action camera review.


This is the first time I have a chance to hold SJCam product. This product is in the range of the more affordable action cameras. SJCam C 200 comes in different colors. Black, white, red, yellow, purple, blue and green. It has a metal, very small body. The dimensions are 68 millimeters by 34 millimeters by 26.5 mm. It certainly feels sturdy. It simply doesn't feel cheap. It's rated IPX8 waterproof. It can reach depths of 5 meters without a dive housing and 40 meters when using a housing, which is included. What else is included? Frame case, clip case, support base, 3M double adhesive, 360 degree rotation base mount, USB type C cable, lens cloth, and a quick guide. 2 things you can buy separately are external mic and SJ Remote. I don't have those two items.


The camera doesn't really have many buttons. Power and record button is in a front. In the back you have a screen, speakers here, microphone on the top and M and Wi-Fi button on the side. When you open the doors, there is a USB port for charging and this is where you put a micro SD memory card. It takes a maximum of 128 gigabyte memory card. And that one is not included, you need to buy that separately. It has a built in 1200mAh battery, which will give you up to 150 minutes of usage time.

When you have the camera on, you navigate through strictly by using the button and unfortunately it doesn't have a touch screen. Now, I got to admit that when I was trying to figure it out how it works, it was a little bit tricky. I had to use the manual, but then once I got the hang of it now it's quite simple. The top button will let you switch between video recording, taking photos, seeing gallery or getting the settings. Once you get to settings, you have to use a record button to get in and then again with the top button you navigate through. The bottom button will turn on Wifi so you can use it with your smartphone via SJCam app. We'll get to it a little bit later.


I know that there will be some of you trying to compare it to GoPro, for example. Keep it in mind that this is third of price of GoPro8, for example. So what you should be really comparing it to and what we need to compare it to is to other action cameras in this price range. The 16 megapixel camera aperture is 2.0, field of view is 154 degrees. It's got six axis gyro image stabilization.

What do I think about the video and picture quality? Well, the stabilization is quite similar to other action cameras in this price range. It's quite similar to Akaso. However, I'm seeing a little bit of an extra shake, especially when it comes to hard work, almost like a little vibration there. If you're going to be riding something like a car, if you're going to be riding, if you're gonna be skiing and stuff, it's going to be OK. So ride on will be OK. As far as image quality goes, it's good. I've noticed though that when I was filming indoors and I also had windows in the shot, I could see that it was exposing indoors well. But the windows were really overexposed compared to the other cameras in this price range. If you're going to be filming outdoors, it's going to be good. As far as the built in microphone goes, it's a bit quiet. I don't have the external microphone, which is offered by SJCam, but I've looked it up some video samples and if you use the external microphone, the sound is way better. It is clear.


Let me show you how these SJCam app looks like. Once you're connected via Wifi, you can see picture preview here. Other features I haven't mentioned yet. For example, you can shoot in a car mode. You can switch between a vertical and horizontal format. You can record video lapse. You can select frequency. You can record slow motion two times, four times and eight times and enter video plus photo mode. You can also enter settings where you can change resolution and frame rates. You can film in 24 frames per second in 4K, 30 frames per second 2K, 30 and 60 frames per second in 1080p 30, 60, 120 frames per second in 720p, and 240 frames per second in 480p. You can change a photo interval, it has also a face recognition feature. In video mode, you can adjust exposure, select white balance, choose color finish, enable loop recording, change bitrate and control other settings. The app is also showing how much battery you have left.


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