Viltrox AF 50mm/ F1.8 FE E-mount lens for Sony

Viltrox AF 50mm lens in depth review with Sony A7Siii


Let’s take a closer look at this 50mm lens. Nifty fifty lens is usually the first prime lens everyone gets. The perfect portrait lens. The body is made of metal, lens hood and cap is plastic, you will also get a holding pouch, instruction manual and warranty card in the package. The weight of the lens is 350g, outer diameter size is 70mm x 88.2mm, filter size is 55mm. Focusing ring is smooth, Aperture ring is not clickable, great for video not the best for photography. You can leave it on auto and then set aperture in the camera or you can set it up manually on the lens. Maximum aperture is F/1.8 and minimal aperture is F/16. There is a click and hard stop on A, auto so you don’t accidently move it. This lens also has a USB port so you can make future firmware updates.

Viltrox 50mm lens F/1.8 for E mount Sony lenses
Viltrox 50mm lens F/1.8 for E mount Sony lenses

The minimal focusing distance is 0.55m so you need to be quite far from the lens. Autofocus Is it silent and quite fast. I have tested it with my Sony A7S iii. I had an aperture F/1.8. My settings on the camera were: AF transition speed 5, AF subject shift sensitivity 5, focus area wide, face/eye focus is on. (test how it responds), I changed the aperture to F/2.8 (test it a bit) The autofocus is very good, it’s got very little focus breathing. Some lenses can be quite loud while focusing. I do have such loud lens and that would be Canon 50mm which I use with Canon M6 Mark ii. I found that this Viltrox lens is much quieter while focusing. Because of such open aperture F/1.8 this is going to be great for low light conditions. What does bokeh look like? Interesting shapes have a specific look. Let’s move on to photography and see some sample photos. Let’s check out some self portrait photos and then just random shots.

The most sharpness you are going to get at aperture F/2.8 as expected. There is vignetting at f/1.8 but goes away at around F/4.0. Chromatic aberrations or colour fringing is quite high. You can see it when you look at the edges … kind of pink, purple. When you are going to close down the aperture F/16 you are going to see some sunstars, this is the shape you are going to get. When you are going to be processing photos in Lightroom, there is a profile for this lens. I am personally quite happy with this lens. I use Tamron lenses with this Sony camera and the other 24mm Viltrox lens which I am also very happy with.  

VILTROX AF 50mm F/1.8 -

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